ScoutSL: An Open-source Simulink Search Engine

Published in MODELS, 2023

Recommended citation: Sohil Lal Shrestha, Alexander Boll, Timo Kehrer and Christoph Csallner. "ScoutSL: An Open-source Simulink Search Engine", MODELS 2023.

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Simulink is one of the most widely used modelling languages in safety-critical industries. Most models created in industrial settings are valuable intellectual property to their companies and are thus often not publicly available. But to study Simulink software engineering processes or to develop new Simulink tools, access to models with relevant properties is vital for researchers. We conducted a community survey to find out what kind of models and model metrics are of interest to researchers. With these results, we implemented ScoutSL (, a tool that gives researchers easy online access to over 100k open-source Simulink models from which they can select a subset according to their needs. A short video demon- stration is available online at